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7th Grade Harvest for School Lunch -Served June 9 & 10 in AAPS Middle Schools!

Agrarian Adventure has been educating middle school students about healthy eating and where food comes from since 2004. The garden and hoop house at Tappan Middle School provide an outdoor classroom used in almost every subject taught at Tappan. New, in the spring of 2011 all of the 7th grade science students planted, harvested and washed over 150 pounds of lettuce and 50 bunches of radishes that were served in lunch rooms across the school district, the first local school garden-to-lunchroom collaboration with Chartwells, a national food service. Among other highlights, this spring 7th grade students planted the 3-sisters garden—corn, beans, and squash—for harvest when they are in 8th grade social studies, and 8th graders planted watermelon to welcome next year's incoming 6th graders! Our summer garden caretakers will make sure there are plenty of melons ready for them.

This is the first time that a managed, contract food service provider has served garden-grown food in school lunch in the state and as far as we can tell, the country! It is extraordinary and we thank you for your partnership and work with us in these efforts.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible for science classes to use the garden and hoophouse as a tool for learning in class and for healthy eating during school lunch! Students planted and harvested salad greens and radishes as part of their Ecology units in Life Science this spring. Students were able to both sample the foods in class and it was served in the school lunch program in all of the AAPS middle schools on June 10th! Here is a short slideshow from planting through harvest: